Recipe For A Money Mojo Bag – How To Create A Wealth-Attracting Amulet

What Is A Mojo Bag?
A mojo bag is a small fabric/felt/leather amulet bag filled with herbs, roots, stones, bones, sigils, metals, and anything the Witch considers necessary, and “fed” regularly with oils, liquors, waters as well as other magical potions.
When To Make It
Always around the growing phase from the moon or through the full moon; on the Monday if you want Eleggua to spread out the roads for cash to come, or on a Friday if you would like Ochum to help you keep, save and increase your wealth. It increases results if done at noon, underneath the light of the sun if at all possible, or at least during hours of sunlight.
– A green fabric/leather/felt bag, 3×3 inches approximately, or just a square of any of those materials, which you will tie in a tiny bundle with green or golden string;
– Choose three with the following dried herbs: rosemary, lemongrass, wormwood, spearmint, cinquefoil, ginseng (leaves), fir, fig tree (leaves), stevia, thyme – a teaspoon of each and every;
– Three golden coins – regardless of the kind of, as long as they’re all the same;
– A piece of parchment paper using your petition, written with green ink;
– A pinch of one’s hair, nail clippings or body fluids;
– Three African Wish Beans;
– Three golden/yellow candles (taper candles are fine) and three candle holders.
– Incense (optional but recommended).
Note about ingredients: there are various recipes for amulet bags, this also is just a basic one: you could add whatever elements you’re feeling like adding, providing they represent abundance and wealth for your requirements. Pieces of gold or/and silver, other herbs, honey, gemstones, roots, bones, etc., are routine additions. Nothing works more effectively than says “money” for your requirements!
How To:
– Make a triangle pointing north while using three candles and set all of the materials inside a dish at the heart from the triangle. Now you can light the incense, pray and meditate about your wish.
– Once you are focused, place all products in the bag making three knots whilst you recite 3 x(once for each knot):
“By the power with the Orishas,I tie Fortune to my fate;all of my needs are satisfied. Ach?�!”
– Optional: read Psalm 65.
Leave the bag during the plate until the candles have finished burning. When the candles are carried out, there are many things you can do to enhance the power of your respective amulet bag (certainly not about the same day, but immediately):
– If you are asking for Eleggua’s help, visit a crossroads and then leave three pennies, three candies and a smaller bottle of rum for him;
– If you are asking for Ochum’s help, take three peaches plus a jar of honey to some water stream by leaving them in the shore on her behalf;
– For any other Orisha/deity you would like to assist, a unique offering of his/her favourite food and/or drink will definitely ease the way.
Keeping And Feeding Your Amulet Bag
When you get the bag, you have only started the life of your respective money amulet; a standard mistake of beginner practitioners is to make an amulet bag, install it somewhere and just forget it – its energy vanishes and dies, and after that comes disappointment and failed expectations, along while using feeling of not being helped.
First coming from all, you should make bag together with you for around seven days. You can either pin it which has a safety pin in your clothes, or tie it to some string and put it on like a long necklace or around your waist.
It is essential that nobody is aware that you cash in on it, or that you are toting. Do not sleep, bath or have intercourse while wearing it. When not in พระเครื่องยอดนิยม , ensure that it stays in a very box within your altar.
Whenever you search for a job interview, in order to ask for a raise or promotion, wear it. Wear it when you work or on any social occasion where you may meet people in work positions that get your interest. The job you imagine may come in the most unexpected meetings.
Clean it of residual energy once per month about the full moon by placing it with a plate full of regular salt and allowing it to receive the light in the moon first night. After cleaning it, it should continually be fed.
Feeding the amulet bag is dropping a couple of drops of magical oil, rum, whiskey, honey or Santeria waters on the “mouth” of the bag. You do this to hold its energy alive and flowing, therefore it have to be done regularly; once every two weeks is the regular frequency.
Yes, it’s going to get ugly, grubby, smelly and dirty – pretty magic is not required here. The best amulet bags are the oldest, ugliest ones. It’s not a decoration item, so don’t get worried concerning the feeding spoiling the bag. If you want a beautiful bag, make another bag to your altar, embellishing it with ribbons, feathers, charms and sequins, and provide it for your Orisha/deity as being a gift.